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app: Haxory

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app: Haxory

Post by haxory on Wed Aug 03, 2011 6:12 pm

What is your summoner name? *
What is your summoner level? *
Where do you live/What Timezone are you in? *
Do you play on the North American Server or The European Server? *
How old are you? *
What is your ELO in ranked? (If any) *
What is your email? *
Do you have a Mic and can you use Teamspeak? *
Most naturally
What champions can you play? *
I can play all roles. I specialize in kassadin mid. I lose 1 in about 10-20 mid duels with him.
Okay found time to put up a list:
AP nuke: kassadin/akali/annie/leblanc (Full caster runepage)
Ranged Carry: ashe/MF
Tanky/useful/offrole/offtank(not really a role but hey): Alistar, gragas, jax, renekton
Jungle: Trundle, nunu (Full jungle runepage) and I'm gonna try out nocturne soon
Support: Soraka/janna (or whoever is free)

the below ones are x9
AD/crit/magpen/attackspeed marks
mana p.level seals, armor seals, magic resist seals.
ap/level glyphs, ap glyphs flat cd glyphs.
2x flat ap quint, 1x hp quint. 1x crit quint, 2x ad quint 3x arpen quint
(Naturally they're all tier 3)

That's a broad range of uses.

Why should we allow you to be in the clan? *
Because it's about time for me to start playing more seriosly in a clan.

Are there other ways or Screen Names I can use to contact you? (Steam, Xfire, IM?)
Skype is haxory aswell


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