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The Fierce Force [TFF]

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The Fierce Force [TFF]

Post by FierceFrankie on Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:06 pm

We have a guild on Dofus 2.0.

Guild: The Fierce Force
Server: Aermyne

Seeking active members! Preferably level 20 and above. The guild is level 20. We have 2 guild houses and we will soon have a guild paddock. We plan on doing group dungeon runs, and doing things together as a guild as much as possible. Everyone must be willing to cooperate and be friendly, and help each other as much as possible. We plan on doing guild events with prizes for the winners, and some friendly PVP. Bontarians and Brakmarians are accepted. We're here to have fun and socialize. We also have a section on the Teamspeak 3 server to talk on voice with fellow guild members.

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